Tour Manager

Meet Cogan Tumwesigye, your Tour Guide.

Cogan has had over 10 years experience working as a Tour Guide at the Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. In 2009, Cogan was voted the best tour guide in the Western Region.

Cogan has a diploma in Catering and Tourism Management and a degree in Christian Religious Education from Uganda Christian University. He later went on to teach at Kabale Touism Institute. He also has a Certificate in Ornithology (Bird Studies).

In 2007, Cogan started looking after orphans in the Lake Bunyonyi area. The need has grown as more children are orphaned due to aids and other diseases. In order to support Orphanage of Hope, Cogan has gone back to his routes as a Tour Guide to fund the day-to-day running of the orphanage. As you spend time with Cogan, you will get to know his caring, humble nature and entrepreneur spirit. He has travelled to many countries in Africa, both as a Tour Guide and as a Christian Evangelist.



Business Partner/Advisor

I am Lindsay Walker and along with my lovely wife Dalaine, we live in a small seaside town of Oamaru, in the South Island of  New Zealand. A visit to Africa in 2015 that included a visit to a long time supported young lady Harriet convinced me that I was being called to do more for a deeply impoverished but hugely appreciative community than just donate a few dollars now and again. Upon my return in 2015 I set up the charity Make My Name Count exclusively to help the people of Kakuuto, South West Uganda. Since then, this charity has  helped to fund and build a home for Harriet off the flood plan, build a large commercial bakehouse, fund a power generator, a refrigerated Bakehouse bread van and  fund smaller micro-business loans for the Kakuuto community. There are many other projects that we are working on - you can visit my website here:

On our last trip to Uganda in April 2018, I was put in touch with Cogan by a NZ friend who had been supporting the orphanage for some time. Because of the dependency of only several people to keep children clothed and fed we were called upon to help lift the burden somewhat. The Orphanage became the Orphanage of Hope, fully registered as a Nationally registered charity and a limited liability company with Cogan and myself being equal directors. Many challenges face us ....the most being getting as many kindhearted, compassionate people to give small amounts to make the biggest changes imaginable in the lives of some 180 desperately needy and fragile children.

To start with, we sent over mosquito nets as Malaria is prevalent from nearby Lake Bunyonyi and then rebuilt the toilet/bathroom block - the bare necessities for any human being. Then we went to work securing a sizeable piece of land to grow vegetables to feed the children. And finally, to support the Orphanage long-term and after learning of Cogans previous background and knowledge as a Safari Tour Guide, I have worked alongside Cogan to set up the business model "Best of Africa Experience Safaris Limited' (aka Hope Safaris).

All profits from the Safaris go towards supporting Orphanage of Hope as well as joint projects with the Kakuuto Community (a Medical Centre and dispensary being at the top of the list). I have heard Cogan's passion for the children of Hope Orphanage together with his vast knowledge and expertise in Safari Touring - I know that you won't be disappointed  to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience  with Hope Safaris.

I have 45 years of experience worldwide running tourism-focused activities, Tour Companies, Travel Companies, Airline and Coach Companies, Motel and now Hotel Management. My passion for tourism and travelling has taken me to 107 countries. I love people, I have huge compassion for the people who through no fault of their own live in situations that are far from ideal, but with a hand-up not a handout will bring beauty from ashes.

I invite you to contact me personally anytime by email: