Cogan Tumwesigye is a school teacher with a little bit of land, and a HUGE HEART. He started the orphanage by taking on and caring for children back in 2007. Since then the amount of children in need has grown, but his funds haven't.


He has created the Dee Orphanage and Project, later renamed to ORPHANAGE OF
, for needy children in the hopes that kind hearts like you  will help support him,
by donating to help these children with the basics of life.


There are currently 180 orphans that are being cared for in some form or another by the ORPHANAGE OF
HOPE in the Lake Bunyonyi area. They range from as young as a week old to 15 years. The children who live at the
orphanage sleep in groups of 7 to a bed and at night time the older ones care for the younger ones.


All of these children need your help. To create a better life for these children, they need the basics which we take for granted - Food, Shelter, Clothing and Education. Poverty is extremely high in this area. A lot of these children have been abandoned on the streets because of this, or have lost their parents due to the deadly AIDS virus. Unlike big charity organisations any help you can offer goes straight to these children.

In partnership with the New Zealand charity Make My Name Count, Hope Safaris has been set up to provide income for the orphanage. All profits go towards its running costs.
If you are unable to come on one of our safaris, you can still donate to give these
children a better life.  All money goes directly to the project, there are no admin or other costs.
You can also follow us on facebook for updates on our children, school and orphanage.


The above link will take you to our sister-site Make My Name Count with options for giving by paypal or direct credit.